Remazol Dyes

We are engaged in supplying premium Remazol 'VS' Brand Dyes. Since we deliver only optimum quality dyes that too timely, we have become one of the most preferred Remazol dyes exporters & suppliers from India. Customers who have been using our Remazol reactive dyes praise for the quality of these products.

Remazol 'VS' Brand Dyes are Reactive Dyes possessing Vinyl sulphone as the reactive group. In presence of alkali, these dyes chemically react with the hydroxyl group of cellulose and form firm, convalent linkages. These dyes are versatile enough to suit different dyeing methods. Results are excellent and shades come clean and brilliant with no variation in dyeing as well as in printing.

'VS' dyestuffs posses poor affinity for cellulosic fibers in absence of salt and alkalis. For this reasons, they are suitable for use on pad. Their substantivity can be increased by addition of giauber's salt or common salt and alkali, making the dyestuff suitable on all conventional dyeing machine for loose material, yarn in hanks and packages and piece goods.

The dyeing methods may therefore, be classified under the padding and exhaust processes, standing baths are not recommended, as in alkaline medium inactivation of the dyestuffs by reaction with water takes place as a side reaction.

Method Dyeing :
Take requisite quantity of dyes and salt in the Dye bath at 30º C and Alkalis are added after 15-20 Minutes. The bath is then heated to recommended dyeing temperature within 20-30 minutes And Goods are dyed for 60-90 minutes, depending upon the dyeing temperature. Then wash properly the material.