Direct Dyes

Direct dyes are a class of hot water dyes for use on cellulose fibers, such as cotton. It is one of the two types of dyes that are mixed in 'all purpose dyes' such as Rit, Tintex Hot Water dye, and Dylon Multi-purpose Dye.

The other type in the mixture is an acid dye, which will not stay in any cellulose fiber for long.

Direct Dyes are commonly used on cotton fibers. The color of Direct dyes on cotton fibers is not bright in respect to other dyes. The wash fastness of these dyes is not very good.

The only advantage of these dyes is that the light fastness is little more better. Lightfastness means the resistant capacity against fading in light. But, this is also in few cases only.

One more benefit of using Direct Dyes is that these can be used in the same dye bath with the Acid Dyes.

Product Name 1% 4%
Yellow 5GLL
* Yellow 44
Sun Yellow RCH
* Yellow 99
Orange SE 100%
* Orange 26
Orange TGLL
* Orange 39
Viscose Orange A
* Orange 108
Red 12B
* Red 31
Red 5BL
* Red 81
Scarlet 4BS
* Red 23
Violet MB
* Violet 9
Blue GLL
* Blue 71
Helio B
* Violet 51
Brown BRLL
* Brown 95
Black NA
* Black 22
Black NS
* Black 168
Black 155
* Black 155
Yellow 3GX
Chysophenine G
Sky Blue FF
T. Blue G
Orange GR
Congo Red
Benzo Purprine
Boardeaux BW
Green B
Green PLS
Blue 2B
Black BT
Brown MR
Black ER
Black EG
Orange BDC
Khakhi 671
Swiss Pink
Brown GG
Green 2G

Product Name 1% 4%
Sampangi M
Parrot Green
Cat Brown
Em. Green
Violet BL
Rumbha Green
Minerva Khakhi
Jade Green
Rama Green
Shakuntala Green
Olive GG
Rose BSA
Brown JJ
Royal Blue
Brown G
Coffee Brown
Silver Grey
Violet FF
Grey R
Catechine G
Silk Olive
Blue RSN

Product Name 1% 4%
Royale Blue RSN
Blood Red
Midnight Black
Military Green
Manendi Green
Copper Brown
Kingfisher Blue
Coffee Brown
Rich Magenta